Terms & Conditions

SKM Digital Solutions Terms & Conditions

These are standard terms and conditions we offer for every contract undertaken by Webnetsofts Technology.

These are:

  • Fee and deposit:
  • 50% of the total payable fee should be given first to instruct us to proceed with the contract. Remaining 50% should be given only after the submission of the product and you get satisfied with it.

    This 50% is refundable only if we do not fulfill your requirements under the agreement. This is not refundable if you started the product and terminate in the middle with no fault of ours.

  • Supply of materials:
  • You need to provide all the material and information required for our progress on the work. If you delay in supplying the material, then the submission of the work will automatically be delayed.

    You cannot claim for the submission delay caused by the delay in supplying material. The material to be supplied includes mainly photographs, printed material, logos, written copy and much more.

  • Variations:
  • We give you the opportunity to revise and can change the design we made for your utmost satisfaction. But if the change you required is in the original specification or design then we charge extra per hour of our time as it is nothing to do with the first specified work given to us.

  • Approval:
  • Once we deliver you the required product then it is your duty to review it. You need to review and send any unsatisfactory thing you see should be sent within a 7-day period. After this 7-day period, we take this as an approval. Any suggestions that comes after this period is not in our hands. Once this period goes off then you don’t have a right to cancel or reject the contract and the other 50% have to be paid for sure.

  • Rejected work:
  • We are ready to make necessary suggestions and review the product we deliver within a 7-day period. Any corrections mentioned within this period, if found to be unreasonable and only cause for the rejection we will definitely have the right to claim the other balanced fee.

  • Warranty by you:
  • You just need to submit all the permissions so that we can use the names, logos, company content, trademarks or any material that you supply during contract on your website.

    You must hold us harmless for using the material used in designing or development of your website.

  • Search engine:
  • You can always get the information on progress of your work i.e., website. This mainly helps us to perform the contract to your required level.

  • Licensing:
  • Once you pay the full fee payable then we will give you the license to use the website and its related software for the website life.

  • Additional expenses:
  • You agree to pay the charges that are not mentioned in the agreement used to buy the software, name registration, templates, web hosting etc.

  • Backups:
  • You are responsible for maintaining your own backups of your website and we are not liable for the loss of client data except that loss occurred due to the negligent act by us.

    These terms and conditions are mandatory and much required for us to take up that contract and have a healthy relationship between you and the company.